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Robert J Dahl

author, keynote speaker and leadership expert

Robert J Dahl is a respected author, keynote speaker, and leadership expert. He energizes and connects with audiences through inspirational stories.  He presents to leaders of organizations, teams and trade associations throughout the country.  He specializes in the topics of leadership, excellence and customer service.  Robert J Dahl has written four leadership books and a Leadership Education Program, “Coaching Excellence Rite of Passage”.  He writes a Leadership Blog called “Innovations In Leadership” that is all about improving yourself as a leader by creating transformational experiences through educational content at www.RobertJDahl.com.

Robert J Dahl truly believe that life is too short not to enjoy it.  His philosophy for finding personal happiness and fulfillment has always included basic principles and values.  Do not let life pass you by only to say that I wish I would have taken that chance or maybe I should have done it differently.  You should always find the Life and business you really want.

Robert J Dahl also believe that each of us has a calling in this life.  Mine has been to encourage, teach and equip people, to change their lives for the better, to give supervisors and managers hope and faith that they can become the leaders they were called to be through cutting edge training programs.

After 20 years of speaking and consulting, Robert has a wealth of knowledge that he uses to develop custom presentations. Robert can customize an existing program around your needs or develop a presentation specific to your needs.  His inspirational presentations will energize and motivate your audiences.

His mission is to help serve the people with compassion, empathy and understanding. Robert J Dahl is committed to bringing balance and wellness through leadership training and coaching.  His leadership blog “Innovations In Leadership” can be read at www.robertjdahl.com/blog and he can be followed at www.twitter.com/robertjdahl.


Robert J Dahl

Robert J Dahl

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